What is more attractive: breasts or butts?

Before internet age began, women’s breasts reigned supreme but now it seems the popularity of butts is about to exceed that of breasts.

In my early young age, I was obsessed with women’s breasts. For sexual arousals, I fantasized mostly about breasts.

When we friends had the locker room talk, we talked about breasts; who liked what size of breasts. We did not talk about butts. In fact, I was unaware that the buttocks could have an important role in sex.

I used to read printed sex books. Books did not pay much attention to butts.

But things started changing several decades ago. People began to be more attracted to women buttocks. The denim jeans had certainly important to bring women’s butts in the spotlight.

Women butts looked very attractive in jeans. The producers of jeans used images of women’s buttocks in their advertisement. Like many others, I felt an attraction to butts.

in that time, we friends, also, started to talk about buttocks in our locker room talks. In fact, we talked more about butts than breasts.

Over the past decades, the media has been giving increasing emphasis on women’s butts. Butts has been the internet sensation since its beginning. Breasts have not been so hit on the internet the way buttocks have been.

It appears that the economic value butts are much more than breasts. Jenifer Lopez insures her butts for $27 million, and Julia Robert has done the same for $5 million according to Peoples Magazine. Holly Madison protects her breasts for $ 1 million.

The media’s increasing attention to butts has changed our views to buttocks. We feel an uncontrollable urge to touch and grabbed butts.

Breasts used to be the most popular body part regardless of size. Even some years ago breasts were the most searched body part.
But now butts have surpassed the popularity of breasts.

In a recent study conducted among 184 Argentinean men shows, that 59 percent prefer buttocks over breasts. Indians are almost equally divided in their opinions about butts and breasts.

It is no wonder that the popularity has been shifted from breasts to butts. The definition of beauty has been changed a lot through those years. Many years back, skinny women were not considered as beautiful. That attitude is no longer valid.

Men like a curvy body shaps. A woman body with the ideal size of breasts and a wider waist to hips ratio preferably 7:10 is good, according to Business Insider.

The lower parts of the female body, especially buttocks have overtaken the importance of the upper part of the body.
I have not seen any real scientific research on the topic, but it seems to me that men increasingly sexually attracted to butts.

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