Is sex better with hot women?

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If you make love to an attractive girl, you will get a harder erection but may not hold long. You will get very intense and pleasureful orgasm, but you would miss the pleasure of staying in sex for a longer time.

I know from my own experience. I mostly have had sex with average looking women; I had very seldom the opportunity of making love to attractive girls.

I have average sex stamina. I could hold ejaculation longer when I was together with average looking girls. When I was close to a beautiful girl, I was very excited and got a very hard erection. I could not keep sex last longer. The sex was very good for me but was not sure if the girl was satisfied. This problem can be solved if you frequently have the chance to make love with a hot woman.

Several surveys show that sexual pleasure is enhanced by an individual’s degree of attraction to their sexual partners.

Sex is a psychosomatic phenomenon. You are sexually stimulated when your mind is stimulated. You can be aroused only by the sight of a hot girl. But it may need foreplay for getting hard if your partner is not that hot. Some men masturbate fantasizing about their celebrities even when they have regular sex partners.

But there is another side to the story. Some people find, sex with an attractive woman is not that great as they thought. Because they feel pressure to perform better sex. This sex anxiety reduces sexual pleasure.

An attractive body is not the only thing that determines sexual pleasure. A beautiful lady may not act the way you like. Maybe you want her to perform oral sex to you which she denies.

Great sex depends mostly on great foreplay. Your partner needs to participate in foreplay actively. Your partner must have willingness in sex positions you like. It is, therefore, necessary to have good chemistry with your partner. You have to feel intimacy and comfortable with your partner.

If an attractive woman does not act in bed the way you want, you would not be sexually pleased.

Most of the people dream and fantasize about hot women, but they become disappointed when they have sex with them.

I conclude in this way, that sex with attractive women is not always great if the woman does not sexually match. But it could be great if there is some chemistry along with beauty.

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