Not all Kamasutra positions are doable


Kamasutra describes 245 sex positions, however, some of them are very similar that makes 100 unique positions. Some of the positions are so difficult that you cannot do it without being a professional acrobat or gymnast.

I think, you can get hurt of trying some of positions. You dont need to those that seems difficult for you.

Although Kamasutra was written more than 2200 years ago, it is still frequently quoted in sexual discussions. A part of Kamasutra is science and a part of it is just myth. Many sex positions described in Kamasutra are just shallows.

You need very good physical skills to carry out some positions. You also need good physical strength to carry out those styles because you have to lift your partner from different angles.

I honestly doubt if it is at all worth trying all those difficult acrobatic positions. Some people claim, that Kamasutra is not only sex positions, but it is also a source of happiness beyond sex.

I practice Yoga as a part of my daily work out. I find some positions some Kamasutra positions are good Yoga. I consider Kamasutra as a combination of yoga and sex.

I studied all Kamasutra positions and tried some of them. All Kamasutra positions are not suitable for everyone.

According to my experiences, the suitability of each position depends on :
 your penis size, 
the rigidity of your erected penis
your overall health 
your body structure and weight
physical strength.

It requires also that you have a partner who is willing to go through all those positions. It depends on her :
body structure and weight
sex drive
sex stamina 
Ability to move the body in the required direction.

If you and your partner have fit bodies and good strength, you can try and experiment with many Kamasutra positions.

In my case, I am tall, have average body structure with some extra kilos and have reasonable strength. My penis size is little bigger than average and have normal sex stamina.

My partner is overweight, does not have very fit body. She is willing to do what she can.

Those sex positions work for us:

Doggy style:

There are several positions of doggy style described in Kamasutra.

The typical doggy stance is most suitable for us. In this position, the partner sits in doggy-style, bending her elbows and knees spreading them on sides. It is better when keeps her leg closed and I opened legs around her.

I find it is exciting to pull her hairs when we are about to have climax.

Reversed Cowboy Position:

In this position, the man lies on the bed on his back keeping legs together and knees straight.The female partner gets on top of him and faces on his feet. She then rides on the penis.

My partner likes the position.

Piditaka Position:

When we come from our works and want to have sex without going to bed we use piditaka position

The female partner bends her knees and place on man’s chest. The man places knees on the sides of her hips, and the man raises her hips onto man’s thighs and enter her.

The above mentioned three positions are a good fit for us. You may find other positions that are interesting to you.

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