Trying hard for better sex gives backlash

Don’t take sex as an exam that you must score high marks. Don’t try hard for for very good result, then you will fail.

It happens often in job interviews. When you try hard to get a job, you become nervous in an interview.

Majority of the population in this world are ordinary people like you and I. You don’t have to do any extra-ordinary performance in anything, not even in sex. Do like all others. People around the world are doing sex without any theoretical knowledge.

Forget about sex books, don’t search much on Google. Just think using your common sense. With some exceptions 7 billion people are having sex another 7 billion had sex before us.

Sex is not a difficult job. Everyone is doing it. Just do it as you eat, go to bathroom.

Sex would be difficult for you when you want something extra-ordinary. Sex is a psycho-somatic act. If you burden your mind, your body would not response. You will either get inadequate erection or premature ejaculation.

Many years ago when I was young, I used to go to Disco to girls. I did not have much luck about girls but I succeeded a couple times to score girls.

Before I started sex, I had many unproductive thoughts. Those girls had probably sex with many, also with African men. Those men could have bigger penis and more sexual stamina. If my performance would not be good like theirs, it would be shame.

As a result, I shacked before staring sex and that ended up in a lousy performance.

Once I met a girl who was a nurse. When she saw me so nervous, she said “You are not going to conquer the world. It is just sex. You can eat food with a knife and fork. Sex is not more difficult than that. Take it easy”

Those words helped me a lot. Since then, I never thought that I had to get high marks, I had to just pass. Even I did not pass in first attempt, I would do second or third attempt. What was the big deal anyway!

With a very few exceptions, everyone can pass in sex exam. You can do that, too. Stop trying hard.

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