The way I felt the first time I had sex.

I have never been a conservative nor religious person, but no woman wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to have sex but without success. I did not have anything in me to attract a girl.

I got married at the age of 32. It was an arranged marriage. As I mentioned before, I never had any sexual experience before marriage.

I used to have many sexual fantasies. I read a lot about sexuality. I became a theoretical expert in female sexuality, too. I knew how to give women the ultimate sexual pleasure. Without experiencing sex, I knew how to sexually satisfy a woman. I also learned about the reproductive system.

I learned also how to give women maximum pleasures using different technics

Too much theoretical knowledge about sex gave a backlash. My knowledge made me more and more nervous.

Anyway, my theoretical knowledge about sex did not give me an edge. I was afraid if my penis had optimal size if it became rigid enough to penetrate. I had also fear for early ejaculation. It would be so embarrassing if I could not satisfy her.

After the wedding event, my wife and I came to a honeymoon suite. It was time to make love but I was nervous. I decided to tell about my nervousness. I also told her that I could get premature ejaculation because I never had sex before.

She understood but she was too shy to make any comment. He was seemingly happy to know that I was a virgin. She was a virgin, too felt relaxed, too.

Finally, I hugged her, I touched and kissed her entire body. I felt like an electric shock wave in my entire body. I was buzzing with excitement. I got so hard erection that I never had before.

I tried to penetrate using missionary style. I could not hit the vagina hole in the beginning. Then, it happened. Suddenly, it was inside. We lost virginity in the same moment.

I was excited on many occasions before. But sex was different. I felt sex very intense different from anything else. It was the best raw excitement I ever had. I understood real sex thousands of time more pleasant than masturbation.

It was not just sexual pleasure, I felt complete. I could do it. I got self-confidence. I understood, I had baseless fears.

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