Will sex robots replace our human partners?

If people start making love with robots by 2040, it will affect our reproduction. Robotic sex will undermine our love, emotions, and feelings.

Men may be soon be made unnecessary in the bedroom as they might be replaced by male sex robots who can provide ultimate pleasure of lovemaking.

Sex robot technology is growing rapidly, even without raising institutional funding. It is only a matter of time when this technology will get funding and grow in geometric progression.

Sex robot will be equipped with artificial intelligence. Those will understand your need and fantasies. Female robots will provide better sex than hot women

I am sad to imagine the scenario where a man hugging, kissing and making love to a machine. This is really pathetic. Sex is not just an orgasm. Sex is about love, emotions, and natural excitement.


Human interactions have been quite significantly reduced in the last couple of years. Amazon has started to use drone delivery, Uber has introduced driverless car and Google has even developed artificial intelligence. There has been a development of robot sex as well which is alarming.

We are already having less sex than our previous generation. I have no doubt that average sex life is tumbling, and this is a worrying sign caused by modern science. In Japan, a strange phenomenon called “ Soushuko-kei” has emerged. This means herbivore type men who are not interested in sex with human partners.

According to the Netflix documentary “Darknet”, 36% Japanese (Soushuko-kei)do not want a romantic partner. They would rather masturbate or use some other unnatural means for their sexual pleasures or they don’t want sex at all. Americans too are losing interest in organic sex in the early 2010s compared to the late 1990s — a 15% drop from 62 times a year to just 53. In number is definitely lower in 2017. Scientists are divided in their opinions- some blame porno, some blame social media for this phenomenon.

Experts say, in future, we will have even less sex with one another because of virtual realities, artificial intelligence, and robot technology. People will have sex alone using different technologies. I simply don’t understand why people even have to think to replace biological sex by mechatronic sex. Sex is the most intense and healthy pleasure that we humans have. It is an essential activity to continue our human race. It is a pity that instead of having more sex they are having less. Are these people in their mind who are considering an alternative to normal sex?

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Sex technology is predicting that robots will provide better sex than human already by 2040. They stress that artificial vagina wither is as good as organic or better. Artificial intelligence has been integrated with sex robots, they can learn all details of sex pleasures-they think. This kind of thought is disturbing my mind.

These can be alternative to masturbation or help to those who are unable to get the rigid erection. It can be a very good assistance to disabled people. I simply can not think that normal people will do mechatronic sex.

What about relationship, emotions and raw excitement!! Does not sex have to be associated with love and emotions? Sex means “making love”. I think that those kinds of artificial sex are like tube feeding to patients in the hospital. I can imagine that scientists may think about artificially produced food because natural food may not be adequate in the future. But there will always be as many men as women. No gender will fall short in number. I hope that there should be some kind of movement to discourage robot sex

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