Indians don’t get enough sex

Indian men talk a lot about sex. They are at home in the theory of sex but are not very much active in real actions.

Indian men do huge researches on sex but don’t apply the knowledge in real-life much. A huge theoretical knowledge does not need to make love

A survey for Men’s Health magazine finds, that Indians have less sex than any other nation in the world. According to the survey, Indian couples have less than once per week on average. Indian men have three partners in their lives while women have less than two partners in their lifetime.

Whenever Indian men gather in any place whether it is a Café or a locker room, they talk mostly about sex. They talk about sex stamina, penis size, breasts of women, etc.

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Indian men read a lot about sex. They read Old Indian Kamasutra and other sexual myths. They want to improve sexual stamina. They learn how to do it.

Indian men are very obsessed with sex. They give sex one of the top priorities. But unfortunately, they are not having much sex.

One of the reasons why Indians have less sex is there is a lack of privacy to have sex anytime they want. Many Indians in rural areas are living in a joint family with siblings and parents. There is another reason, too. Indian men marry after they complete their education and become economically independent. Most of the Indian men cross their 30s before they can marry.

Extra-marital sex among Indians is not widespread. According to the survey of Economic Times, only 11% of Indian men and 3% of Indian women are engaged in extra-marital sexual affairs.

Not many Indians live together without marriage. It was always unclear if it is legally permitted to live together without marriage. However, the Indian Supreme court has recently ruled, that adult couples may live together without marriage.

Many Indians don’t live in joint families. Still, they make love less frequent than couples in other parts of the world. Indian women are modest but they are willing to advanced sex. Some surveys show Indian women are six times more willing to “make love” in the back of a taxi than American women. Women are willing to participate in any kind of advanced sex. Oral sex has become common in India. Indian men are not very active in sex, no reason to blame women.

Anyway, Indian couples are producing 69,000 babies every day. There is no question about the fertility of Indian men

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